Book Review: Forgetting the Fairy Tale

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Forgetting the Fairy Tale“It all began with a fairy tale…”

I was really excited when Donya Dunlap allowed me to read and review her soon-to-be-published manuscript, Forgetting the Fairy Tale. Now as I write this review, I’m a little intimidated—I’m not sure where to begin, or how to do justice to this book that just unexpectedly became a part of my top five books by Christian authors.

Forgetting the Fairy Tale is more than just a fluffy, feel-good Christian book about womanhood. It is a call to action, a call to truly let go of the elusive pleasures we seek from men and from this world and to turn to Christ for love, strength, and our sense of self-worth. Chapter one discusses the fairy tale that most of us grew up holding in our hearts.

“Once upon a time.” Isn’t that how all of the great stories begin? “Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.” Now let’s be honest. Who hasn’t dreamed of becoming royalty? The magnificent castle, the devoted servants, the fabulous, designer-made dresses, the glimmering jewels and, of course, the shoes! You and I have been raised on such stories.

But as we know, most of our fairy tale ideas have since been shattered, and Donya acknowledges that as a result, many women find themselves living with constant heartache. We seek to dull this pain in many ways, and often hope that finding the right man will satisfy our unmet longings. But as Donya contends, we’ve been looking for love in all of the wrong places. “Only our Creator, the One who knows our innermost thoughts and desires, can complete us. God intended it to be that way. He created within us a longing that only He can fill so that we would never be satisfied with anything else.”

If you aren’t already convinced that God is in love with you, you will certainly realize it by the end of this book. From creation to the resurrection of Christ, Donya presents stories from the Bible and beautifully weaves them into the greater story of His love for us. If you have never read the Bible, you’ll be drawn in by her clever humor and her relatable presentation of these stories. If, like me, you’ve been inundated with Bible verses and stories for most of your life, you’ll be surprised to find yourself reading intensely, wondering, “What happens next?” to these Bible characters as though you’ve never heard the story before.

Donya’s love for her Creator and Savior leaps off of the pages, and she calls us to sacrifice for Him rather than expect that everything will work out perfectly according to our standards. “If we surrender our plans and dreams to God, He will guide us along the right path, the one that He has chosen—not necessarily the one that we might have in mind, but it is most assuredly the one with the happy ending.”

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