Random Acts of Kindness: 7 Simple Ways to Brighten Someone’s Day

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Don’t you just love the feeling of receiving an unexpected gift, finding a thoughtfully written note in your mailbox, or when someone appreciates something about you that you didn’t realize they even noticed?

Every day, we have a chance to bring life and joy to others. This doesn’t mean we have to do anything complicated—it’s about being thoughtful. Here are a few simple ways you can brighten up the day of those around you.

1. Leave a note on the mirror for your mom, sister, or significant other to let her know she’s beautiful.


2. Give a genuine compliment on something your friend does well.

3. When you stop at the convenience store for that late-night snack run, smile at the cashier and ask how he or she is doing (by name, if they have a nametag). When someone’s tired and has had a long shift, a lit bit of friendliness could really cheer them up!

4. Bust out your favorite stationary set and write a card to a friend letting her know what you love about her. Then send it via snail mail instead of just handing it to her (because you know it’s way more fun to get something in the mail!).


5. When you stop for that coffee on the way to your friend’s house, call her and ask her what kind of latte she’d like!

6. Jot a friendly thank-you note to your waitress and leave it with her tip.

7. Encourage your pastor, pastor’s wife, or someone you know who is in a place of leadership by letting them know how much you appreciate what they do. We often take our leaders for granted and forget that they need encouragement, too!

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How about you?

We’d like to hear about the creative ways that you encourage the people around you! Tell us about your random acts of kindness in the comments below—your ideas just might inspire somebody else to take action!

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  • Darlene Anderson

    Great article. I’d like to know more about how the shareables work….how do I share them? Also I’d like to find out about how I could get mugs or picture frames with these You Are messages. I’d maybe invest in a bunch of those if you think it is a good idea to raise funds for the project. Maybe some readers would like these as gifts for their friends.

    • http://www.laurendalessandro.com/ Lauren D’Alessandro

      You can email them to someone or post them on Facebook or Twitter! And we’re working on some You Are merchandise that should be available soon. :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/margo.mangione Margo Mullin

    A leader of mine mentioned one time how she tips her gas attendant. How surprised and grateful they were to receive it. I started implementing that into my routine, i even now keep singles in my glove box just for them. They’re providing a service (in NJ) just like anyone else. Think about they’re out in the snow and rain too… would you do their job? No? Tip’m. :)