“She is beautiful, and therefore to be wooed.” – Shakespeare

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I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that every girl has a desire to be “wooed”. The problem is, there doesn’t seem to be much wooing being done by the men I know. I’ve found myself struggling with an intense frustration with the guys I’ve dated. I’m frustrated because they don’t seem to think they have to do very much to impress me. I’ve been on my share of bad dates, from guys who “forgot” to bring their wallet to guys who wanted to hold on to me by doing the bare minimum. Sometimes, we begin to like someone so much that we allow ourselves to be treated this way—like an afterthought. Like a security blanket. Like a crutch.

One crazy night in Philly, a friend and I ended up stuck at a bar talking to a group of extremely drunk middle-aged men. This was not my favorite company, but I will never forget what this one man said to me. He said, “You are the prize. Always remember that when a guy treats you like you aren’t worth his time. He has to win you.”

Sometimes, we allow guys to treat us badly, and we wonder why they never try to impress us. But what if we demanded more of the men in our lives? What if it weren’t so easy for them to get our hearts? What if we weren’t afraid to ask for what we deserve, for what we desire so deeply?

Some guys might bail. The extra work might be too much to handle. But what about the ones that would stick around? Is it possible that taking a stand could reignite the fire we so long to see in a man’s heart? Could it destroy the power of passivity and fear? Could it break men free from the walls they have put up around their hearts?

In demanding more, aren’t we revealing who God is through who we are as women? For God is beautiful, and worth pursuit. The veil over our eyes will not be lifted unless we pursue him with our whole heart.

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    Great post and could not agree more! I have personally found that we will attract what we think we are worth. I compromised over and over again with men because I had no self value or worth. Once I sought out God with all my heart and let Him heal every broken place, He then brought me a man that would love me and treat me well. As my own value and worth were elevated by the One who created me, my tolerance for unhealthy men disintegrated.