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What it means to have Ready Feet

I used to play centerfield for my high school softball team. If you’ve ever played softball, you probably know that you don’t just mess around in the outfield when nothing’s happening. You assume “the stance”, a position where your knees are bent and your eyes are looking at the pitcher and batter. You don’t know when, and you don’t know exactly where, but that ball could sail into the outfield at any time. If you aren’t in the right stance, it makes it a lot harder to dart into the unexpected direction of the ball.

The same is true for us as believers. If we are going to fight the battle, we can’t be waiting around passively. Because we never know when warfare is going to strike, we need to be alert and prepared to fight at any moment. As warriors, we need to practice constant vigilance, so that we are never caught off guard by an attack.

Readiness in Real Life

Readiness implies that we are prepared for something—it means that we are doing something to actively make ourselves ready. We need to be ready to share the truth with anyone God puts in our paths. For me, this means that when I’m out in public, I am open to conversation with the people around me. I’m definitely an introvert, and I don’t like to be bothered when I’m out and about. Sometimes, God has a divine meeting in store for you (this is how Catherine and I connected). You might run into a person who’s starving for God, and your conversation might answer the questions they have about him.

We also need to be ready to flee temptation. That might mean leaving a party when you are feeling pressured to do things that you know aren’t right. Or, it could mean not striking up a conversation with someone who could end up being the next bad relationship in your life. Whatever temptations you find yourself in, your readiness to leave the situation could help you avoid a big stumble.

Finally, we need to be ready (and willing) to GO where God tells us to go. We need to have an active prayer life and regular interaction with him so that we are hearing him clearly. If you are close to him, you won’t miss any of his direction.

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