The Belt of Truth

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Belt of Truth

About the Belt

I like to think that the belt of truth is something essential to starting your day. Belts secure our clothes and make sure that our pants don’t fall off. Have you ever worn a pair of jeans that didn’t fit quite right, and you forgot to add your belt? I know that when I make that mistake, I often spend most of my day hiking up my pants, making sure that they aren’t riding too low. If you are in a battle, you don’t have time to adjust your pants. You’ll either be distracted from the fighting because you’re fidgeting, or you’ll lose a part of your armor during the fight because there was nothing to hold it up.

Truth is the belt that allows you to fight without being hindered by trivial things. It keeps the rest of your armor in place. If you are fighting against the attacks of the enemy and you haven’t filled yourself with truth that day, you will be more susceptible to his lies. When you are in the middle of spiritual warfare in your life, the biggest distraction is when you suddenly become less sure of what is true. When you drift into uncertainly, you lose a core foundation, and it’s much easier to take you out. If you are secure in what truth is, you won’t even have to address the issue. You’ll be able to focus your energy on the battle.

The Belt in Real Life

So what does this belt look like in reality? It’s waking up early to read scripture so that you’re mentally prepared for the day. It’s jotting down a verse on your mirror so that you’re reminded of truth. It’s that post-it note verse on your work computer that serves as a reminder for the struggle you are going through. Sometimes, it’s when we find another that needs encouragement, and we are so convinced of truth as we share it with them that something inside of us is now more convinced.

I highly recommend that you find a creative way to remind yourself of truth on a regular basis. It can be post-it notes or dry-erase markers on your mirror. A few years ago, I got out my markers and my sketch pad and drew each piece of armor and wrote truth about each piece of armor around it. I ended up using these sketches to outline this series. You can print out the illustration at the top of this page and tape it to your mirror, or you can create your own drawing.

Belt of Truth

My sketchpad

About the Series

The Armor of God can be found in Ephesians 6:10-20. If you haven’t read this passage before, you can read it here. Even if you have read it before, it can’t hurt to refresh your memory!

If you are following God and you aren’t sure if you’ve experienced warfare, you will face it soon. If you haven’t faced any warfare, you might need to evaluate your walk with God. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but this is the truth: No opposition means that you aren’t doing anything worthwhile.

Warfare comes in many forms and is experienced on different levels, depending on your calling and what God has in store for you. If you aren’t sure how to identify warfare in your life, I would recommend reading the Bible to learn about some of the struggles you might be going through. You can also spend some time talking to a pastor or mentor that you trust.

This series will simply lay a foundation for you to build on. My goal is to give you practical advice on how to incorporate each piece of armor into your daily walk.

Feel free to comment with your questions, opinions, and personal stories. I love to hear from you!

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  • Becca

    Is there any way that I could print these pictures as posters for my classroom? I would like to print them as 16x20s. They are exactly what I have been looking for, for my unit on the Armor of God. Thank you for putting all of this material together.

  • dougmorris98able

    this is a wonderful lesson on our spiritual belt!