The Helmet of Salvation

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Helmet of Salvation

Your mom had a good reason for forcing you to wear that ugly helmet whenever you rode your bike. Bike helmets reduce head and brain injuries from biking accidents by 63 to 88% (info from In some cases, a helmet can mean the difference between death and walking away with a few bruises.

In battle, the helmet can be the difference between dying in the battle and emerging victorious. But how is salvation linked to a helmet?

The Bible says that salvation is a gift that God has given us. We can’t earn it; it can only be given to us. Entering a battle without salvation, without a helmet, would be an extremely foolish idea. A helmet is a simple way to protect yourself from otherwise deadly blows. Who would ever consider fighting a war without one?

The Helmet in Real Life

If you are interested in taking on the armor of God, you likely have already experienced God’s gift of salvation (if you haven’t and would like to, all you need to do is ask God). But what does it look like to keep your helmet on every day?

Salvation is a gift freely given, and never revoked. The funny thing about this helmet is that while we don’t need to ask God for new salvation every day, we do need to recognize this piece of armor on a daily basis.

Salvation, once accepted, guarantees that we have the victory in the battle. All we need to do is to remember this guarantee and be filled with thankfulness to God for His great gift. When the battle gets hard and begins to wear down on you, remember that the victory has already been given to you—you just need to take possession of it.

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