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After graduating from college, my best friend picked up her life and moved to a foreign country to serve and teach people about Jesus for an entire year, from August to August. She sold her car, packed her stuff up into storage, and completely up-heaved her life and replanted herself in a country across the world. Another good friend of mine did the same thing from August to December. A guy friend of mine is still on the World Race, country hopping and serving the Lord from September to September. When I graduated, I got a desk job, went to football games, and hung out with friends.

Almost every summer, many people in my community have spent their summers across the world, living in third world countries, loving on babies and spreading the love of Jesus to people who most likely haven’t heard of him before. I’ve spent most of my summers nannying and laying out by the pool.

For me, there’s never really been any kind of internal struggle about it. I’ve never felt called to international missions. Before the coming of summer, I’d pray and search my heart and ask the Lord where he wanted me. The answer was always here. Even though there were moments of wondering why I never felt like he wanted me to go, I always had a reassuring peace that I was where he wanted me to be. I’m a big believer in blooming where you’re planted.

And then my boyfriend and I started talking about getting married one day. I began to feel like my window of opportunity was closing quickly. I started to panic. If we get married, I’m never going to be able to pick up my life and go somewhere for months on end. What if I never serve in a foreign country? Will that make me a less than adequate Christian? Will I feel like I’m missing out? All these thoughts started flooding my brain. I began doubting all those past decisions I’d made to stay, completely forgetting about the peace and sureness I had felt. I freaked out for a day or two, haphazardly throwing around ideas of quitting my job and going somewhere for a period of time. Without delay, Satan got his sneaky little hands in my life and made me feel worthless. “Cool,” I thought. “I’m going to be that girl that marries young, never leaves the state she was born in, and lives a completely comfortable, normal life.”

Then I remembered to pray. It took me a couple of days, but I eventually remembered. I relayed all the things I’d been churning over in my brain to God and told him I needed him to let me know what’s up, because I was freaking out. Slowly, he began to remind me of Ruth. Of Sarah. Of Mary, Lazarus’ sister. All notable women of the Bible. All women who glorified the Lord right where they were. I began to feel my heart change. I stopped looking back on my life with disdain, and I stopped worrying about my future. He began to show me that if every person who loved him relocated, who would love people here? It became obvious that this is my mission field, and that it is no lower and no higher than any other field. I am no better and no worse than those who move halfway across the world to spread the love of Christ. If we’re living our lives with the purpose of moving others closer to the kingdom, then we’re right on track. He started to show me that I am called to ministry just the same, I’m just called to ministry here.

I’m here for a reason. I’m here to point my coworkers to Jesus. I’m here to one day help lift up other wives in my community. I’m here to exemplify how Christ loves the church through the way I love others. Sometimes, I’m here to rock the boat a little with my blog. Eventually, I’ll be here to raise little ones to rock the boat for Jesus.

I think it’s the most beautiful, courageous, servant-hearted thing ever that my best friend moved her whole life for Jesus. That she followed his call to a Jesus-less country, and spends her every waking moment trying to change that. For a long time, I was missing the beauty in the fact that I’m doing the same thing every day. I think it’s time for us to reclaim our titles as missionaries. Just because my life isn’t necessarily hard, just because I live in a big city in the Bible-belt where almost everyone knows who God is doesn’t mean I’m not needed here. My prayer is that we begin blooming where we’re placed. If you are called to the field, I pray that you don’t wait until you get there to be a missionary. The people around you right now need you just as much as the people you’re headed for. And if you’ve never felt called, and you never do, my deepest desire is for you to see the beauty in every single day. In every day you go to work, in every coffee date you have, every mess you clean, I pray you’re aware of the fact that you’re in the mission field.

About Blake

My name is Blake Bollinger.
I am 23 years old.
My career is the assistant manager at a local boutique, Frock Candy. And I love it!
I am most in love with God when I’m completely surrounded by his creation. Or holding babies. Something about holding babies makes me suddenly aware of how great and creative our God is.
I feel most beautiful when I’m in shorts and a t-shirt laying in the sun with people I love. Preferably laughing and doing crossword puzzles.
The passage of scripture that I live by is Romans 9:20, “Who are you, a mere human being, to argue with God? Should the thing that was created say to the one who created it, ‘Why have you made me like this?’”
One day I’d really like to be able to spend my days raising babies and meeting with girls, counseling them and walking intimately with them through their lives.

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Blake writes about her life and her walk with God at her blog Fearless.

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