That Book on the Table

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You know the one. It’s on your bedside table or your bookshelf. Or it’s the giant, family history one that’s open on your coffee table.

Occasionally it catches your eye and you think, I need to read it. And your next thought is, And I will. Before you know it, months have passed and there it is again, almost calling out to you. The most sold book is also the most hauntingly present book wherever it lies in your living space.

So what if we actually, in 2013, picked it up and read it cover to cover—like the best-seller it is? We make it a point to read other bestsellers. Why does this one evade and call out to us at the same time?

Here’s a sneak peek. Discover:

The God who lives in the pages of this book may be very different than what you’ve suspected all your life. The truth of God is worth investigating for yourself.

Like no other experience on earth

A Guy who will never quit on you, a Coach who will push you to your limits, a Comforter that will hold you close when the storm overcomes you—this is the Person who tells His story to you, in a way designed just for you, every time you open the book on the table.

Translations abound, and it speaks through every electronic portal. YouVersion keeps tabs for me as I read through the year, on computer or smartphone, and my favorite translation is The Message (MSG).

Try them all. Keyword? Try them.

What will you find locked away in that mysterious book on the table?

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Debi White
Debi is a former NC elementary teacher and middle school principal. As an educator, she was keenly aware of the need to inspire students and teachers, helping each to understand what keeps the heart melted and learning and productivity strong. She left education to research, on a broader scale, how each of us can move from exile to freedom in every area of our lives. For daily inspiration, check out her blog at
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    I love the new lay out. I especially like how easy it is to find past articles and posts. The colors are great.