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God’s little computer chips, known to us as seeds, are among the amazing creations we often overlook. Rarely larger than a thumbnail, seeds hold the programming of the plants or food they are destined to become. We either plant or eat them, but we rarely wonder at how God tucked away so much inside something so unassuming.

Incredibly, the seed lies dormant within its seed coat for months—even years—until soil, sun, and water bring it to its next stage of life. At its planting debut, the seed’s instructions—still intact—spring into action and route roots, stalks, leaves, and flowers into exactly the pattern that yields its purpose. A plant in its maturity is a contributing member to an ecosystem—that is, a complex, relational system of living resources within an area. Each plant has a role that is unique and needed to forge the best environment.

If the seed becomes food, it releases its one-of-a-kind nutritional value into the ecosystem of our body. We are a complex, relational system of living parts designed to function as a greater whole, and the seed does what only it can do. The little computer chip joins the mainframe of our body and offers up energy and sustenance to keep the organism—us—in its best form.

We almost never look at a seed and think that it is alive, just waiting for the right opportunity to move into its next life stage. How can something so lifeless and useless looking have written into it so much value, energy, and life?

Did you know you are a seed? Tucked away inside you is a plan waiting to be unfolded by circumstances, timing, and activation known only to God. You are a seed—a computer chip—of His genius, and your gifts, wiring, temperament, and experience lie dormant until His precision springs your uniqueness into action.

Often we spend years wrestling in our seed stage. We sense there is something greater in us, but we feel stuck and restless. We might not realize that our best course in our seed years is to just…be a seed. Though we feel a bit lifeless and somewhat useless, we are, in reality, packed full of value, energy, and life waiting on our breakthrough moment.

I don’t think we can rush the breakthrough of our seed coat any more than a literal seed can proceed without water, sun, and soil. Pause a moment to consider breakthrough. Does anything sound easy about that? In the case of a literal seed, the rigor of this step is required for the seed to become a plant or nutritional gem. I assume a literal seed does not experience pain at this step, but the same is usually not true for us.

Just when we think we cannot wait or wonder a moment longer, God releases our uniqueness and we are breathless with anticipation. We emerge from our seed coat and find two inches of soil that we have to push through just to gain access to the sun. We are just a seedling in these early days, and the struggle feels as mighty as the waiting. If we let Him, God coaches us. He built us as seeds and knows precisely how to help us find our way into the light. He provides the nurturing that establishes our root system and gives us courage and confidence to grow into exactly what the world’s human ecosystem needs.

On the world stage, we begin to contribute our unique part to this human ecosystem—that is, a complex, relational system of living beings designed to function as a greater whole. The beauty of this plan is that our seed, now growing into maturity, leads us into the truth that we belong with a one-of-a-kind usefulness. Our productivity is invigorating because it is exactly what we are wired and gifted to do.

What a journey to be a seed: how to wait, how to keep believing in the promise that lies within?

All I can say is let God be the coach. That is a huge action word that really translates into the hard work of getting to know Him, listening to the intuition He reveals, overcoming negativity and misleading comments from others, believing in yourself and the timing of the breakthrough of your seed coat when your circumstances shout the polar opposite (i.e., you are feeling more like a failure), and not quitting when quitting, a thousand times over, seems the prudent course.

Only you know the power of the seed that lies within. And only God knows the timing of your breakthrough. Will you wait? Will you do the hard work?

I am a part of the human ecosystem that needs exactly what you have to offer. We all say we want the best, but there really is a best and it takes a killer amount of work to uncover it and keep it intact. I want you to not give up because I know you will bring to the table that which only you can bring, and I (and the world) will be better off because of it. The human ecosystem will be at its best.

Thank you in advance, fellow seedling, for your potential, for your hard work, for your breakthrough, for who you are.

You Are A Seed

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