Uncovering Your Purpose: Who Am I?

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Uncovering Your Purpose
What is my purpose? Why am I here? How can my talents and passions be used for good? If you are anything like me, you wonder these things on a regular basis. Most of us have some sort of desire to lead purposeful lives and to leave a mark on this world. It often seems like a daunting task—with billions of other women on the planet, how could my existence possibly matter? How could the decisions I make really have an impact?

These questions often cause quiet introspection; we search our souls for something that matters, something that no one else has, something that only we can give to the world. While I think that self-awareness is important, I firmly believe that this is not how we find the answer for our existence. So where do we find it?

If you want to find out the purpose of a vessel, you must turn to the one who created it. If we are to discover who we are, we must turn to our Creator, God, who has fashioned us in His likeness for His own purpose. Only He can reveal to us His plan for our lives. We make the mistake of turning to other sources. We turn inward, hoping to find the answer in ourselves. We turn outward, hoping to derive the answer from others. Until we turn to God and ask Him, ‘What would you have me do?’, we search in vain.

In order to understand God’s answer, we need to know how to listen to His voice. For me, hearing from God is one of the most frightening and difficult things for two reasons: 1) Sometimes I’m not sure if I’m hearing from God, or making up my own plans, and 2) I’m often afraid of what will happen when I’m really open to His Spirit.

I’ve discovered that I’m not the only one with these fears; there are so many women who are striving to be open to God’s calling, but their surroundings, their friends, their family members, and their own insecurities seem to speak against the voice of their Savior. Over the next few posts of this series, we will study scripture and hear from women who have heard God’s voice and followed it to discover His higher calling on their life.

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